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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Zing Toys

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Zing Toys is special because they are committed to making toys that are fun and safe! They create these with the confidence that all of their products have and will continue to exceed all USA and European safety requirements through certified 3rd party safety testing and compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Act.

The original designs create smiles from a wide variety of age groups and allow for family fun and interaction. We had fun testing them with adults and even with two year olds! We feel these are great for grandparents to play safely with grandchildren. Since most weigh almost nothing, they are perfect for travel and camping.


The RoomaRang is the original soft indoor boomerang is furniture friendly and flies 2 to 10 feet! You cant lose this boomerang because it always comes back! You can even adjust for tighter or wider turns! The hardest thing is keeping it away for the cats, they love chasing after it!

ZeeBeez spin top

This is the original spin pop and catch toy. Just turn it inside out, drop it flat and watch it jump 6 feet high! It is easy and safe to catch. It comes in four color so each player can keep track of which one is theirs.

Pop Shotz

What fun! Our two year old grandson tested this and could easily figure out how to use it. We loved how he could safely use this indoors and knew he couldn't hurt others, including the cats and the baby sister. With little ones, the pop isn't as strong, so the rockets went about 10 feet.

No batteries needed! Works with a puff of air. Load with Stickee dartz and rockets squeeze the handle and watch them blast over 30 feet! Quick change the barrel and rapid fire three balls! Take the whole arsenal with you using the handy ammo holder!

Z-curve bow

Even though we used this toy in our basement, because the arrows can go up to 100 feet, we would suggest having fun with this outside. We are sure our parents wished we had had these safe toys to play with.

Z-Curve Bow is the Ultimate foam arrow shooter for high tech archery! It uses safe, soft long range arrows. The set includes bow, two long rang arrows, and a stick anywhere Zartz tip dart for accurate target practice. Zip Clip holder is included for arrows.

Zyclone gun

We think this would be fun to have two of these guns and play catch the ring outside with friends. Zyclone uses Z-Spin Technology to blast giant, soft foam Zing-Rings on long distance flights up to 100 feet! Simply pull back, twist, release and watch the super accurate Zing-Ring glide across the yard.


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