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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Strapgear

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Old Ephraim is serious and steadfast in their desire to create high quality products that solve real customer problems and exceed customer expectations. They do this through an environment of integrity, sound principles, and innovation applying the laws of science and a deep respect for the outdoors and those that like to play there. They create what they need and use what they create. Their products are made to play as hard as you do. Their core values are quality, dependability and innovation.


We don’t usually quote directly from the web site, but this is such a cool story, we had to include it!

“From a very young age Courtney Ashliman was always tinkering with things or in the outdoors. If he wasn’t tearing apart and rebuilding his dirt bike (or later his car), he could be found up in the mountains outside his Cache Valley (Northern Utah) home enjoying the magnificent beauty that surrounded him and engaging in any number of activities.

As an adult Courtney made a career of tinkering as he became a very successful engineer and project manager to the point where his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he started a small firm helping businesses and inventors design and manufacture their “next great thing”. Always modifying his own outdoor gear and feeling frustrated with gear failures during critical outdoor adventures, he decided it was time to solve his own problems as a consumer and create the gear he couldn’t find on the market but desperately needed in the outdoors. And thus Old Ephraim was born with his first solution for the problem of unreliable tie-downs and bungees … StrapGear.”


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