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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Stormy Kromer Hats

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George "Stormy" Kromer was a real guy - a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer. Not the kind of guy you'd expect to start a clothing company, but one who happened to create a cap that became known for long-comfort and the ability to stay snug, even in the fiercest winds.

In 1903, he asked Ida (now his wife and an excellent seamstress) to modify an old baseball cap to help keep it on in windy weather. The all-cloth cap with the soft, canvas visor was a departure from the traditional fedoras of the day, but it was more comfortable and because of it's six-panel fit, it stayed put.

A lot of things have changed since those first few caps - new colors, new fabrics, new styles - but they haven't changed the way they make them. They're hand-stitched in the USA, and they're still with the goal to fit better than anything you've had next to your noggin. Stormy Kromer caps are true to the original, and that means you get all the comfort and function that made them famous.

The Town Coat

Since 1903, Stormy Kromer in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan has been making sturdy, warm hats and gloves. Who knew they could be so successful in designing and producing one of the finest all-wool coats on the market. It is elegant in it’s simplicity. 100% virgin wool inside and out – no lining- this is 26 oz. of warm material on a cold, blustery day. It has a sleek, tailored cut with its 5-button front, back gusset-flaps, and 2 front angle-cut/ deep pockets. There are no pockets inside. Strategically placed stitching adds a flair not commonly found in such a rugged garment. The coat is offered in the usual sizes and only in Black or Charcoal.

While this coat doesn’t come with the same Lifetime Warranty and No-Charge Insurance Policy as their iconic hats, the company has proven to stand behind their products for quality materials and workmanship.

Original Stormy Kromer Wool Cap

We love hats that are functional and fashionable too. The reviewer couldn't believe the number of compliments from total strangers. That is not why he prefers to wear it though. He loves the fit and the way it can look like a baseball cap, or have the ability of pulling down the earflaps on those really cold days. Normally, he wouldn't be able to wear this kind of a hat, because he is allergic to wool, but with the soft, inside lining, he had no reaction. Nice to have the softness next to the head for anyone!

Timeless style and enduring durability have kept this cap popular for over 100 years. The original is still the original, with six panels of high-end wooly wonderfulness stitched together for unmatched fit and comfort. That takes a premium 80/20 wool/nylon blend and a lining of pure cotton, and when the air starts to nip, that takes a headband. Just grab it behind each ear and pull down. There you go, a head protection system that stays on. Remember to dry clean only.


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