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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

SolHuma Survival/Camping Stoves

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Founded in 2006, SolHuma is a socially responsible, privately owned company based in Candiac, in the vicinity of Montreal, Canada. SolHuma's mission is to provide environmentally-sound technological solutions to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts or individuals in survival situations. SolHuma believes that every individual should have access to the basic human needs of heat, food, fresh water and energy.

Solhuma wishes to support humanitarian organizations that dispense a direct aid to victims of a disaster. Therefore, they pledge to give 1$ for each stove sold on their Web site to the organization of your choice among their listed partners.

Vital Stove

The company's flagship product, the Vital Stove™, is a safe, highly efficient and compact cooking device that allows people to cook food, purify water, generate energy and stay warm. The stove burns readily available solid biomass to preserve the environment during outdoor activities, and increases chances of survival in off-grid situations or natural disasters. Using dry biomass such as wood, natural fibers, twigs, straw, cardboard, animal dung, or combustible waste, the Vital Stove™ is the new green choice for outdoor activities or survival situations.

The stove comes packaged in a cardboard sleeve that doubles as instructions and how-to-use tips. Very ecologically friendly. The thermal shield folds and is stored beneath the stove itself making a fairly small, compact package. Set-up is easy and vary intuitive for anyone who has previous experience using outdoor cooking devices. This stove will never be confused for an ultra-light device as it weighs in at 23 ounces but it is an effective car-camping or canoe trekking stove. It's safe to transport since it doesn't use dangerous or explosive fuels such as alcohol or butane. This stove is designed to use biomass fuels – wood, moss, charcoal, cardboard, straw and the like.

A major contributor to it's effectiveness is the two speed blower attached to the diffuser. This runs on 2 AA batteries that generally deliver 30 to 40 minutes of run time. This helps generate up to 20,000 BTU's for even large cooking jobs. The thermal has rotating support rods that can accommodate quite a large pot or pan with a great deal of stability.

In addition to use as a basic survival/camping stove, SolHuma has developed a barbeque adaptor that uses the stove as the heat source for a 13.5" covered grill that also doesn't require toxic or dangerous fuels.


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