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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

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The owners of Road Warrior Sports have had a love affair with the outdoors since the 80’s.While the journey is still the destination, the execution required modifications. They moved from throwing gear into the back of the hatchback and rolling out of town on a moment’s notice to buying large SUVs and packing it to the gills with gear and precious cargo. In addition to changes to their personal status, the world has refused to stand still.

Air travel has become increasingly difficult and constricting economic factors have caused families to seek a more flexible approach to their active lifestyle pursuits than over-loading the mini-van or SUV.

After witnessing a different type of car culture while traveling in South Africa, Road Warrior Sports was created in 2005 to deliver a sport trailer that met these emerging needs and built to get you down the road with elegant simplicity and tons of functionality. In 2008, they introduced theTailGator prototype with success and immediately began the evolution of a new design approach to create the Atlas 8 trailer.

We totally agree that the Atlas 8 delivers on their intended level of quality, durability, functional performance and aesthetic appeal.

Altas 8 Premium Sport Trailer

One of our responsibilities of Fiftysense.com is to go to festivals showing new products and sharing ideas on how to enjoy life more in the outdoors. We tested this trailer on a ten day, 2,000 mile trip. What a joy to travel with this trailer! Sue usually ends up packing up by herself and has filled the Explorer up to the brim, plus having to get things into a car top carrier. That in itself has been a constant challenge. She hates that she can’t see out the back window. For this trip, everything fit into the trailer for the festival and ten days of tent camping. She could pack without straining her back.

The 73-cubic foot storage capacity is split into one large compartment and a smaller area in the front which is separated by a bulkhead to help in organizing the gear. This bulkhead can be easily removed for larger items. You can even remove the tailgate for very long items. When on the road, the gas-assisted covers can be opened easily even with bikes on the racks. We really appreciated the heavy duty locks and waterproof design when traveling with tons of gear.

We believe the most important aspect of this trailer is saving money and drastically reducing the daily carbon footprint. On this trip alone, we saved over $600 on gas because we did not have to take a larger trailer. We noticed no appreciable difference on our gas mileage compared to not towing it. You can buy a smaller car with great gas mileage because this trailer, weighing 550 pounds, has a long removable tongue for towing with almost any car. With the jack wheel and handle on the tongue Sue was able to hitch it to the car by herself! It is the first trailer she has ever been able to back up.

OK, we will admit that with all the wonderful options, with the resin transfer molded fiberglass on aluminum frame construction, we love the classy look! We drew tons of attention driving down the road and at festivals. We even had people taking pictures of it when we were driving on the freeway. We look forward to traveling with this for years to come!

Precision Travel Werx

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