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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50


Fifty Sense Seal of Approval In our search for the perfect sunglass for the over fifties market, we have come across a company that walks the walk. Optic Nerve has continually found ways to blend style and technology to deliver durable and comfortable eyewear made for any adventure in life. They have styles at an affordable price point along with a lifetime guarantee. All their styles have the same 100% UVA + UVB protection, lightweight, durable construction, and fashion-conscious styling that you'll find in more expensive brands at a fraction of the price.

The Toric technology creates a lens format that has two different base curves in the same lens. The 10 x 4.5 base-curve format creates a sunglass that fits the face more ergonomically than conventional lenses. It offers incredible peripheral coverage and vision but does not crowd the face or look "bug-eyed" like a conventional base lens format can do. This technology also allows them to create larger, more fashionable frame shapes like the Buddah and still maintain a sleek and complimentary look and feel that are great on all face types. These sunglasses were selected by two reviewers for different reasons. One was looking for fashion and the other was looking for function.

The new Mo Flava features Optic Nerve's Toric lens offering superb fit, generous coverage and style for men and women alike. The horizontal 10-base curve axis is decentered for precision optics, premium impact resistance, enhanced peripheral coverage and a wide range of vision. With 100% UV protection, the Mo Flava is a great fashion piece to wear on or off the trails.


This sunglass not only has all the specs of the other sunglasses, but also has side panels to keep the wind, sand and snow out of our eyes. I could really have used these when I was in a sand storm for three days in Nepal! These will be great for that sunny, windy day on the slopes. Did we mention that these sunglasses come with an awesome case that fits into a pack or pocket, is lightweight, with a Velcro closure and clip easy to use in inclement weather?


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