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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Lifeproof Waterproof
Phone Cases and Accessories

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LifeProof is a young vibrant company based in San Diego that designs, manufacturers and markets LifeProof cases for all-environmental protection, functionality and interactivity to SmartPhones and Tablet PCs.The registered brand name 'LifeProof' is inspired by the protection and fully functional convenient operation of the device in rain, in water while swimming or surfing, in mud, sand, dust, snow or ice. The company mantra is 'Freedom' - freedom to be connected anywhere with your mobile device; freedom to build relationships, gain knowledge, exercise, and juggle work; freedom for all people anywhere to go everywhere.

Lifeproof case for Iphone 4 and 4s

It is hard to express how much we love this case! Our fear with an expensive phone is damaging it. One of our phones was beginning to crack and the tight fit keeps it together. This case is meant to be permanently on the phone, not just used for outdoor activitiesThis company is serious about making this case waterproof and drop proof. They even have you go to their web site to get full information on using it. They want you to test the case submerged in water for one hour before you put your phone in. The instructions are very clear, they are done with a video that impresses the importance of taking care of the case.

Our phone is fully functional in the case. The case even comes with a waterproof phone jack accessory. Being about the same size as regular cases, our hands cradle the case with ease. Sue, experienced firsthand the second day why you need to use it every day. While touring the Biltmore Mansion in Ashville, she did not have the case in the Lifeproof beltclip and the phone fell into the toilet!! This is the first time this has ever happened, and at first, she about fainted until she fished it out and it was totally dry! Phew! We are true believers!

Belt Clip for Iphone 4 and 4s

Do you need quick access to your mobile device? With the LifeProof Belt Clip you can have your LifeProof ‘at the ready’. You can conveniently click-in or pull out your device with the ease of one hand. This Duo kit includes two clips - one 1.5" for "regular" belts and the other 2" wide for duty belts used in Military and emergency services such as law enforcement, fire rescue, and all tough-jobs.

You can put the phone into this beltclip with the face showing and can either take it out of the clip or leave it in to be fully functional. We wish we had been using this belt clip at the Biltmore because the clip has a ridge on it that keeps the holder on your pants even if you don’t have a belt on. It also has as easy to use lock so the phone doesn’t come off unless you want it to. We wouldn’t use any other clip with this phone.

Armband/Swimband for Iphone 4 and 4s

Now that we have a truly waterproof case, we can use the case securely positioned at arm’s length with the LifeProof iPhone Armband. It is ideal for workouts, surfing, dirt biking, or anywhere you need your iPhone’s capabilities close at hand. Built from cutting-edge materials and designed for optimum performance. Who would ever think that you could listen to music while swimming?!


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