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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Gregory Packs
Backpacks and daypacks

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Gregory Packs have been around for forty years. The expertise that goes into these packs is what makes the difference. The most important piece of gear is a great fitting backpack that is lightweight enough to not only carry extra weight, but also one that has enough support so the back is supported.

Not only do these packs have great support, but there is tons of knowledge on how to fit a pack correctly and how to decide what size torso one has. These packs can personalized with different size torsos, waist belts and shoulder straps.

Sage 45

The Sage 45 is very comfortable and fit great. Of course, the great fit is due in part to being sized for a Gregory Pack using their fit jig. The backpanel, harnesses and waistbelt are made of breathable molded foam. This helped to keep comfortable during the hikes we took this on. Intelligent design makes it easy to organize our gear for any trip. A 3-day backpacking trip on the North Country Trail to taking a stroll through the farmers market the Sage 45 is fantastic. This is a great size for a long distance hike. Since it only weighs a little over 3 lbs. it is barely noticeable.

The Sage 45 is designed specifically for a woman. From the Intuition 3D Suspension, molded waistbelt/shoulder harnesses, to the side and bottom compression straps they are all built for the female body. A roll top design that is water resistant is your access point on top. Gregory equipped you with a color matching built in rain cover that is easy to access. If it is just a light rain there is a quick access pocket on the outside of the pack perfect for rain gear. Our new favorite feature is the security pocket just behind the water bottle pocket…shhh! To get in to the main body there is a large zipper to access that area. Just open it up like a suitcase and dig in.

In review, the Sage 45 is great for overnight hikes, day trips, adventure travel, getting produce at the farmers market and anything you want to do. The color choices are lovely; it looks great and feels comfortable for all sorts of adventures. Wear it in good health ladies knowing you look good too.

Whitney 95 for men

In the parking lot at Redfish Lake, I looked forward to the weekend ahead of backpacking in the Sawtooths. As I shouldered my over stuffed pack, my arm strap broke, and it fell to the ground. After years of cramming gear that pushed its stitching to the limits, it finally gave. Then and there, I realized I needed a newer, larger pack.

When the Gregory Whitney 95 arrived at my house, it looked big enough, but was it comfortable? The Whitney comes with CFS technology (custom fit suspension). This keeps pack from moving about while staying flexible enough to move around freely. The ripstop fabrics, water resistant zippers, and bottom panel ensure this pack a long life in the elements. The large option can accommodate all my gear with ease. Finally I have a big enough pack that fits my frame.

Jade 50

I reviewed the Jade 50 and although it was a pound more than my other pack (3 lbs total), I could carry up 35 lbs all day, and could go up to 45 lbs with comfort. It can make all the difference between a bad, good, or great day! Their day packs even have a frame for comfort, can’t be beat!


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