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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50


Fifty Sense Seal of Approval Ever wish that you could bring containers while traveling that wouldn't take up any room, would pack flat, in BPA free plastic? Fozzils was created to solve the age-old problem of carrying bulky items from one place to another. Their solution is to think flat, pack flat. Their patented active fold products are virtually indestructible ultra lightweight and feature an odor free, non-stick and easy to clean surface. How great to save space, weight, and still have the toys needed for more fun!

Duet- tea for two bowl set

We tested the Tea for two! This is a complete two person set (2 Cups, Bowls, Dishes, and Spoons) in a unique notebook style self storage container. We loved that you get one blue set and one orange set. This is a great environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. We liked the size of the cup, and used it for snacks and hot or cold drinks. It comes in a nice flat container and if you want to take just one set, it only weighs 4 ounces. We found you didn't need directions nor strength to put them together and they came apart to either wash or pack.

Discovery pack -Sand toys

We can't think of the times we have been hiking and come to a beach. No matter what age, it is always fun to play in the sand. The Fozzils Discovery Pack revolutionizes a trip to the beach, playground, or bath. Six full size, full fun, toys materialize from a super slim and light package. This was so easy to carry or slip into a tote, and the patented easy to use snap system eliminates the bulk and bother of traditional sand and water toys. Innovative designs include:

  • The Creature Tank - a transparent aquarium and undersea viewer
  • A Pyramid Strainer - that doubles as a Pyramid shape maker
  • A unique 3 dimensional sand Shovel
  • Cylinder and Cone shape makers that work separately and together
  • The "S. S. Fozzils" watercraft which is a darling little boat.

When play is done, the entire set folds into the Creature Tank for easy carrying and storage. This is a great way for a grandparent to become a hero when we pull these out of our packs.


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