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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Elemental Herbs

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Make sure you read the company’s story on the site. We found it is very inspiring! Caroline Duell, owner of Elemental Herbs, wanted to start a company that connects nature and healing. She studied holistic medicine as a self designed major in college, and continued her pursuits by playing in the dirt, climbing on rocks, traveling and experimenting with herbs.

She developed All Good Goop from a northern California herb garden where she lived and worked on an organic family farm. She was giving so much to all her friends, she was finally convinced to market the products and that is how this wonderful company started.

All Good Goop

All Good Goop was the first product ever to hit store shelves. The five plants are blended together in a healing balm, they are strong enough to fight dry cracked carpenter’s hands and gentle enough to heal a rash on a baby’s bottom. We want to emphasize how we received kudos helping diaper rash on grandchildren with an all-natural product!

People find that All Good Goop is the only thing that helps just about any wound or skin ailment. So, after giving it away for years, Caroline decided to grow more herbs and share this coveted healing balm with the public.

This product is organic, all-natural, petroleum-free and a great moisturizer. It smells terrific and has a great consistency. Because of this, we applied it more often and enjoyed the healing benefits. The ingredients are Calendula, Comfrey, Lavender, Plantain and Yarrow infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil* with Pure Beeswax, Vitamin E and Lavender Essential Oil.

All Good Lips

This was born when the request came for a version that fit in ski jacket pockets. Their smooth textured organic lip balm contains the same organic healing herbs as All Good Goop, with an added a balanced combination of 100% natural essential oils for a soothing and refreshing taste on the lips. Since this is essentially the same ingredients as All Good Goop, while backpacking and skiing, we were known to use the lip balm on dry spots and scrapes.

All Good Lips is available in Original without sunscreen, Original, Sweet Tangerine and Cool Spearmint all with sunscreen.

Herbal Cool

We were able to test this product right away at the Outdoor Retailer’s show. It is brutal time being on your feet walking around the conference center for four days, eight hours a day. The spray-on herbal and mentol mist goes on cool and warms up fast to give immediate relief from strains, sprains, bruises, sore backs, joints, and muscles. How many active people, especially after fifty don’t have these symptoms?

It’s purpose is an external analgesic. The active ingredient is Menthol, USP 6%, and inactive ingredients are Arnica, Balsam Poplar, Dilonized Water, Organic Alcohol, St. Johnswort, and Vegetable Glycerin.


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