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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Cabeau Travel Pillows

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

We found that Cabeau Travel offers consumers worldwide the most innovative travel pillows, accessories, and on-the-go gear. Voted "Best New Product" by attendees at the 2011 Travel Goods Show and winner of Dr. Toy's "Best Vacation Product" and "Best Pick" awards, the company prides itself both on the quality and amazing functionality of its travel products. Cabeau’s goal is to improve the experience of every traveler and transform coach class travelling into a luxurious and restful experience.

Evolution Pillow

All of us want to travel in comfort and it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so with the limitations on carry-ons and space in planes and other modes of transportation. We loved using this pillow in the car as well as on a plane. What a difference a great pillow makes! We don’t usually quote a description of a product, but The Evolution Pillow™ incorporates so many great ideas, we thought we would use their words.

  • HIGH IQ DYNAMIC DENSITY MEMORY FOAM offering long-lasting, comfortable head support. The memory foam can be surface cleaned by hand and is wrapped with a removable and machine-washable super-soft velour cover.
  • LATERAL HEAD STABILIZATION SUPPORTS to prevent your head from falling sideways. If your head tends to fall forward, spin the Evolution Pillow™ around backwards and you have a chin rest with full frontal support.
  • DUPLEX SLIDE-LOCK TOGGLE that can be adjusted to hold the pillow in place and provide additional head support.
  • MEDIA POUCH to hold your mp3 player or cell phone while you listen to music hands-free, lap-free, and pocket-free.
  • DELUXE EAR PLUGS made of memory foam to help ensure peaceful travel.
  • CUSTOM TRAVEL BAG which allows the pillow to compact to ½ its size for quick and convenient packing.


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