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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Review: Aspect Solar

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

Solar Power Pack Pro 60

The Solar Power Pack Pro 60 from Aspect Solar is a kit comprised of an energy bar, solar panels, hard shell carrying case and numerous accessories. During our testing phase, we were able to try this out over a few months from tailgating, camping, powering a home office and even playing movies in the backyard. This has been one of the more enjoyable and eye-opening test we have done. Having portable power with a long battery life and a sustainable source opens up so many options. Recently at one of our alma maters, there was a big football game.

For the sake of product testing, we set up a 42” flat screen at a tailgate. We ran a live feed of the game through a smart phone and the provider’s app. Both the TV and phone were powered the Energy Bar 250, which comes with the Solar Power Pack Pro 60. Since it was such a beautiful sunny day, we also had the EP 60 Solar Panels hooked up so we had some incoming juice at the same time we were expending it. It really made for a great afternoon of tailgating with friends and family. Ultimately, this setup ran for nearly 7 hours before we shut it down on our own. The product specifications say it can run a TV up to 10 hours. We were satisfied with seven and chose to head home.

Another fun thing we did was run one of our home offices off the Energy Bar 250 for a couple days. We powered a desk lamp with a USB plug and a laptop for nearly a week this way. The solar panels were in the windowsill all the while we toiled away. By the time we literally pulled the plug on this test we started wondering what other sizes of Energy Bars were available from Aspect Solar. They have Battery Packs for powering small devices, Energy Bars for a short-term portable energy solution, and even full on generators for a more prolonged energy providing solution. Once we saw the big stuff, images of a completely self-sustaining home started dancing in our heads. Oh, the joy of watching your energy bill drop to precipitously would be a sight to see.

Much like solar panels you will see as a permanent installation on or around homes, these solar panels and energy bars/generators can be daisy chained. With a nice array of solar panels to choose from you could create a rather impressive portable energy supply. Now the one caveat to all of this is the need for a solid source. That is the sun needs to be shining. For best results, we found direct sunlight is best. A majority of panes of glass are tempered to filter out some modicum of UV light, so avoid placing solar panels behind any.

Overall, we found it took a solid day of good sunlight to power up the Energy Bar 250 to full capacity. We do recommend having the optional power cords for a faster charge. You can choose from either plug: 110v household outlet or through a DC lighter used for vehicles. This is in case you forget to charge it or the sun just is not shining that day. Lastly, the Energy Bar can hold its charge for a long time, try 6 months long. We are very impressed with this technology and all of the versatility to choose from in creating a portable self-sustaining energy solution. It was a lot of fun testing the Solar Power Pack Pro 60 and are looking forward to the next time we review Aspect Solar.


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