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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Abo Gear Aussie Naturals

Fifty Sense Seal of Approval

ABO stands for... Australian Beach Outdoor. The mission was to make outdoor life more comfortable. In 2004 they entered the pet market. With their outdoor focus it was natural progression to provide pets with the same rugged gear. Their experience in using performance fabrics, heavy stitching, and waterproofing came in very handy, and they really had fun designing and testing pet products.

They test all products with their own dogs and have formed a partnership with Barking Hound Village Foundation (BHVF) in Atlanta. BHVF is an organization that rescues dogs slated for euthanasia in local city and county shelters and gets them into No-Kill rescues across the East Coast. From Pit Bulls to Chihuahuas, and all manner of dogs in between come through BHVF’s doors, and they test out their products with their ruff and ready dogs. They also donate many products to shelters and rescue organizations.

Fun Tunnel for Cats

We have two cats and they are totally different in their play habits. One loves to play all the time and the other is very laid back. We never thought we could get a toy that both love, but this cat tunnel does it. The floor crinkles when the run walk over it, a toy hangs inside, there are openings to inspect the outside world. It is 52 inches long, 10 inches wide, so it is great for multiple cats.

We do love to watch the cats play, and also appreciate that we can squish and tie it up to a small circle for travel and when we have guests who don’t understand toys all over the living room.

Dog Digs

Charlie the canine critic reporting from the back yard of Miss Ginny’s Lazy Fox Inn barking about the Dog Digs from ABO Gear. Let me start by saying, thank you for thinking of us four legged furry ones. This great product allows my mom & dad to bring me my safe place on any trip. It packs down quickly so I have more room in the car on trips and lots of room when we get there. It takes very little time to set up and break down, which you can see here at the fiftysense.com YouTube channel. Take it from me this will make your best friend love you just a little bit more. Remember to keep four on the floor, don’t beg for more and the love you give your dog will be returned 100 times o’er (hey it rhymes).

Mr. Roper

This 100% Natural Wooley Cotton Rope Toy can withstand hours, days, even weeks of play! As they say, “He’s not the Mr. Roper you might remember….”

Even our 2-year old Border Collie, Charlie, couldn’t frazzle this rope, no matter what punishment he This is quite a feat, considering most toys don’t stand a chance of surviving a week in this house! He enjoys tossing it around, playing a little tug, or working on his chewing technique- better Mr. Roper than my hiking boots!

Crazy Ball

Have a dog like our 2-year-old Border Collie who manages to destroy chew toys in a matter of hours? Feel like you are constantly spending money in hopes of finding the one chew toy that can withstand your buddy so he doesn’t come after your shoes? Well, look no further- The Crazy ball can handle even those aggressive chewers.

Charlie has had this toy for month now and you can still discern what it is! It is great for a game of fetch or just to let him go crazy on, and is made of 100% natural materials. Small or large man’s best friend will love this durable toy!

Brisbane Bed

This luxurious bed was an instant hit not only with “Charlie”, our loveable Border Collie, but “Marla”, his kitty sister has tried to overtake his reign here as well! Made with an all-natural cotton, and crafted with heavy stitch construction, this bed is soft, round, and durable enough to withstand a face-off between species. I have been reluctant in the past to allow a dog bed in the living room, but this bed is so classically styled and doesn’t scream “Dog bed”! It is available in 3 sizes and 3 colors and is a beautiful bed.

Reloadable Crinkler

All dogs love toys that make noise, but as we all know- they usually succeed in their mission to find where that noise comes from and destroy it! Well, with noise maker is reloadable- Once they have destroyed the “crinkle” of the bottle inside, simply insert another recyclable plastic bottle! It is made of a 100% natural Jute, which is extremely durable. Most toys don’t stand a chance in this household, but this all natural toy seems to be a permanent form of entertainment for Charlie!


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