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Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50
Fifty Sense: Common Sense Ideas for Thriving after 50

Mango Safari

Mango African Safaris is a boutique tour company specializing in customized journeys to East and Southern Africa's safari destinations and the Indian Ocean. Mango's safaris are spirited adventures that touch and feel the many intangible components that make Africa magical: close encounters with wildlife, the top guides, unbridled luxury and African culture, all while striving to promote ethical and responsible tourism. Ultimately, they hope that this will give Africa's wildlife and cultures a better chance to thrive into the future. Whether you are watching cheetahs hunting across the Serengeti Plains, approaching a feisty black rhino on foot in Namibia or exploring the vibrant underwater world of the Indian Ocean, an unforgettable African adventure awaits.

Started in 1998 by Teresa Isabelle and Casey Gamba, later inviting Brian Huggins to join the team, Mango has grown to become a leader in the luxury and adventure travel industry. Casey and Teresa have been guiding safaris and exploring remote corners of East and Southern Africa for the past nine years. They have worked and traveled with many different safari companies. This on-the-ground knowledge and experience has built strong relationships with lodge, transfer and charter companies. The Mango team travels for up to 2 months each year guiding and scouting new properties so they can continue to expand and improve their knowledge of this region of the world. Based out of the United States, they enjoy a personal rapport with each of their clients.

This benefits their clients who enjoy working directly with an expert for each step of their planning process.

Why Mango? When you book with Mango Safaris you can feel confident that no other company can offer you the same creativity, flexibility, regional insight and depth of knowledge about the African Continent. Beyond that, they can be extremely fun to work with and have great taste. Their team has visited the properties and lived the experiences that they recommend to you. As you can read in their personal bios, travel is not only their business; it is their passion and their life. This feeling comes across pretty quickly to their clients and has often been described as 'infectious'. Africa is a magical place that everyone should feel and experience in their own unique way. Mango Safari is the lucky gate keepers who get to help you plan your perfect journey.

They have impressive pricing agreements with all ground handlers, camps and hotels so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money no matter the level of luxury. Booking through Mango Safaris will cost you the same or even less than if you had contacted the hotels yourself. Mango is the masters of the 'high/low' where they mix up the level of luxury throughout a trip to tailor it to your interests even more. They know where a moderately priced option will give you a high quality experience and where it is worth it to indulge a little.

When planning your safari experience you can choose by experience, region or country, or level of luxury. They have categorized the itinerary collection by the experience you will have on a trip. Unless you know exactly where you travel, there may be a number of elements that you are envisioning. Whether it be the 'Greatest Hits' trip that combines all of Mango's favorite combinations, to 'Beach and Bush' trips combining safari and beach elements, or 'Ylang Ylang' trips with amazing spas, Mango Safari offers it all. Whatever your dream safari, Mango makes it happen! Check out the leader in safari adventure travel at www.mangosafari.com and contact Teresa, Casey, or Brian to start planning your dreams today!

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